Saturday, May 19, 2007

long time...

We recently had an outing at work, and I spent most of the day playing foosball and guitar hero. Turns out, I was unknowingly playing foosball with the creator of SVN. We made quite the team -- we went undefeated throughout the day.

I have started to begin learning python, and so far I've written 2 scripts. The first one is a simple update script for Debian based systems. It was more to learn how to accept input from the user and call system commands. The other script takes user input (a stock ticker symbol) and comes back with current data (open/close price, % change, etc). Although both are extremely simple and took me about 10 minutes to write, it was quite a great feeling.

My next project is going to be an IRC bot. Chris from work originally wrote one to aid in our lunch making decisions, but he gave me permission to steal it and hack it up.