Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hardy and Compiz Fusion

Previously, I have not been a fan of Compiz/Beryl/AIGLX/XGL, as it did not really improve my work, it only got in the way. When I upgraded to Hardy, I decided to give Compiz Fusion a go.

Once I enabled 'Extra' Visual Effects in the Appearance application (System --> Preferences --> Appearance), I went about installing the Emerald Theme Manager.

sudo apt-get install emerald compizconfig-settings-manager

I ran across the problem of the emerald-themes package not being available as well as Emerald no longer allowing you to download the GPL'ed themes.

I downloaded the package from here:

and then:

sudo dpkg -i emerald-themes_0.2.1-0ubuntu1_all.deb

The next step is to install the tray icon for Compiz Fusion.

sudo apt-get install fusion-icon

Next, go to Applications --> System Tools --> Compiz Fusion Icon. Right click on the blue cube next to your clock and go to 'Select Window Decorator' and choose 'Emerald'.

Once this is switched, go to System --> Preferences --> Sessions. In Startup Programs, click Add. In the Name field, type in Compiz Fusion Icon, and in the Command field, type in fusion-icon.

To access the Emerald Theme Manager, go to System --> Preferences --> Emerald Theme Manager. I decided on rezlooks-pastelgreen-1pxb.

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