Thursday, September 18, 2008

Remember the Milk

I've been using Remember the Milk to help me keep track of my to-do's at work. I've even gotten another guy to use it as well and we can share lists and assign each other tasks. It is pretty nice for me to be able to see some of the stuff coming in the pipe and where he is at on certain things.

I'll be in Miami for the next 6 days for work, and then a town outside Des Moines, Iowa for 5 days.


Jim said...

I like RTM, too. It's so easy to use with the keyboard shortcuts, and it integrates nicely with a lot of other web apps (e.g., jott).

Have you tried using Tasque, the mono desktop task-tracking app? It integrates pretty nicely with RTM, too.

Andrew's Blog said...

I will give Jott a look, it sounds interesting.

I installed a very early version of tasque and it didn't have RTM integration, I will have to check it out again. I was hoping to get something like todoist and RTM combined.

Dave said...

Andrew -

I'm curious, what do you mean by combining todoist and RTM? Doesn't RTM do pretty much everything todoist does?

Also, what's been your experience using RTM to manage tasks outside of work?

Full disclosure - I'm currently working on a new task management application, Ativiti, that will combine personal + collaborative task management, as well as provide expert lists for *how* to accomplish projects.


Andrew's Blog said...


I like todoist because of the outline/tree format. It is great for making checklists for large projects. Instead of just writing "upgrade server" in RTM, I can write "upgrade server" with 3 sub-tasks "check certificates", "apply service pack", "upgrade os". And we like being able to print these outlines as well.

What I like about RTM is the gtalk bot, as well as the imified bot. The interface is a bit more polished and I like being able to get other people's lists at work.

Outside of work - I just mix in my tasks with my work ones and just reorder them. I don't have many to-dos outside of work other than paying bills/rent.